Testimonial - Sandra Colon

For me, what can I say? It has been a life changing experience for me. I enjoy every second of it. I got hooked from day one and do even the impossible to try to attend class. I now live farther away from the location Bebo offers classes but that does not stop me from attending. Even with my busy work schedule, busy kids practice schedules, and sometimes work related traveling schedule away from home, I still manage to do my Zumba workout somehow. I have even gotten a friend from class to just call me and let me listen to the music while I do my workout from a hotel room. That is dedication!! Often I find myself dancing the songs when I listen to them at the radio station. How fun! I enjoy it and the satisfaction you gain from it is PRICELESS. I have lost over 20 pounds, I feel more confident about myself and my body, I continue to tone my muscles and feel energized. I thank El Bebo for his energy, for his contagious happy spirit, his incredible and fun dance moves because I have gained so much from the Zumba Family. I am a new confident women and continue to bring others because if it works for me, it can certainly work for YOU!