Testimonial - Dilenia Morales

Dear Ismael (El Bebo),

I have taken many Zumba classes and non compare to your class.  I look forward to this class all of the time and its mainly due to one major reason-IT FEELS LIKE A PARTY ALL OF THE TIME!!!  As someone who enjoys dancing, but doesn’t dance enough, this class is a perfect excuse for me to get up and get moving.  I know this energy begins with you, the instructor. You never disappoint.  You are always well prepared, and your love for dance and energy radiate throughout the room. Your choreograph is absolutely wonderful and never boring.  I like that you also change some songs throughout the week and that also helps with us never getting bored.  Some days I feel low in energy and I come to this class and I can’t help but feel the locomotion in my bones.  There is also great energy that radiates from the class members.  The ladies and gentlemen in the room enjoy the class just as much and it shows with all of the whistling, screaming, laughing and woo-ing!  We have certainly created a Zumba family!

I began taking your class in June 2016, and since then I have noticed a good physical, and emotional difference in my body.  My muscles are leaner and overall my body is more toned than previous.  I feel the difference more from the clothes I wear, and the energy I feel than the numbers on the scale.  Also, I feel more joyful, especially on days I anticipate attending the class in the evening.  I find myself looking forward to the smiles, hellos and laughter in the evening.  Everyone is always so friendly and inviting.  You all remain professional, yet warm and that is always a great environment to step into.

Lastly, as a teacher you give your students an opportunity to show their skills and motivation in a different arena, such as performing with you in the classroom and the stage at various events.  As a teacher it is extremely important that your students understand that they can be a part of something different and even look forward to those events.  It is always motivating to see the dances, videos and pictures of those events in social media such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.  I continue to look forward to more partying in your class.  It has been a blessing to be a part of your Zumba family!

Very grateful,

Dilenia Morales

March 29, 2017