Testimonial - Carmen Rivera and Sandra Colon (Mom & Daughter)

I started working out with “El Bebo” a little over a year ago because I was curious and saw signs close the my mother’s house announcing it. During this time I was living with my mother felt always tired, I was overweight and didn’t feel confidence in me or my body. I started to go to class by myself and as I came back to my mom’s house I always encouraged her to join me because I was concerned about her health and because I knew that the environment, the instructor and the class as a whole will get her addicted as it did to me. One day my mother decided to give it a try but only if I accompanied her. Little that I know, it’s been over one year already and even a different location and we are still going to class and enjoy every minute of it.

Zumba has definitely changed both of our lives for good. I have seen a big change in my mom’s life. She feels happy, more confident and even goes to class without me! Just last week she told me with a huge smile on her face that her doctor’s gave her great news, she has lost weight, her blood work was perfect and didn’t need any more high blood pressure or diabetes prevention medication. Doctors said to her “just continue to do what you are doing now”. And all it took was working out for one hour twice a week. Wow, that is incredible! Just to see her smile and happy is priceless for me and I can proudly say, I am glad I introduced her to the Zumba family and we can share this time together every week. She is my best workout partner and my motivation.

 I love you mom!!