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Back To School Fitness

            I am sure that everyone has taken out some time to enjoy the beautiful summer that we have had this year. But there is something else around the corner already and that is school. For those of you that either attend school or have kids that attend, you all know that this is one of those times during the year that can really interfere with our everyday routine. It is the time to reschedule our time in order for everything to fit into place once more. Many people panic because they think that they will not be able to do so many things all in one day, but it is all about organization and dedication.             I remember when...

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No Gym? No Problem!

            Summer is here and you are finally enjoying those beautiful days full of tanning sunlight. You are so into the awesome weather and the beach that you forget to get your workout in. Do not feel bad as it has happened to all of us, but there are some exercises that you can still do without the need of equipment. Here are a few full body exercises you can perform and still feel great.             I am sure that everyone has heard of or performed the standard push-up. If you have done it, then you know it is quite effective. Now, you say this exercise is not all that full-body. Well, let us go over the basics of it...

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