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New Years Resolution 2016

            January is around the corner and you decide to finish your New Year’s resolution from last year before the new one comes around. You rush and try your best but you just cannot do it and just decide to restart it again this year. Why? What happened to your goal of looking like a fitness model before 2016 ends? Do not feel bad though, because you are not the only one. According to, from the 40% of Americans who actually do New Year’s resolutions, only 8% achieve their goals. Do you want to continue to be that 32% or make a true effort and be the 8%? It is all up to you, but here are some tips...

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New Years Resolution 2014

            It is already that time of year that makes us all think about the future and our goals in life. Have we been able to do everything that we had planned to accomplish before this year ends or are we still working on finishing them? These questions are inevitable once we see that New Years is around the corner. How have your fitness goals been compared to last year’s goals; have they improved? The whole idea to this is that you at least improve yourself enough to see that you are able to make a change in yourself.             You lost weight and inches in your physique but it may not be the amount you had wished for. What...

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New Year's Resolutions 2013 (Spanish)

           “Que rapido ha pasado el año”, “El tiempo pasa muy rapido”, esas son frases que se escuchan mucho ya cuando se esta acabando el año y en verdad tienen mucha razon, pero como ha sido ese año para ustedes? Han podido completar las metas y resoluciones que se propusieron? Si las han completado pues hay que mantenerlas en este año tambien.             Muchas personas empiezan el año con sus resoluciones de bajar de peso, comer mas saludables, o hacer mas ejercicio para poder verse, sentirse mejor y tener una mejor calidad de vida. El problema mas grande es que ya casi empezando marzo dejan de hacerlas. Por que sera que eso les pasa a muchos?...

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