Spring Break Fitness

            Spring break is getting close and to many it is that time of the year to escape the cold temperatures and dive into the tropical sun. It is the beginning of beach season for several individuals. Now the questions is, are you ready to show off your gains or are you still in the “bulking” / “hibernating” season? What I mean by this is that there are some people who just do not do much during the winter season. They either forget about their fitness lives or they drop the intensity and dedication they normally put into it during summer. There is also another route, which is the one I personally follow and enjoy; the one where you try to maintain your diet and training the same year round. It is also when you train the hardest during winter, so that when spring and summer come your body is ready to showcase and you do not have to spend it trying to get in shape before it ends. Of course there are many other approaches but I find these to be the most popular. Which one are you?

            Let us say that you did not work your hardest during winter and now you want to stop trying to get the beach body before summer starts; you give up. Why stop? It is never too late to start your road to a better you; the important thing is to give that first step. If you have not exercised for a long period of time then get ready to hear those muscles cry for at least a few days. This is the breaking point of any new fitness regime. But as soon as the body gets accustomed to the stress your putting it under then you will be unstoppable. Get your diet under strict control and if you are starting then begin a three times a week exercise schedule. As you build up yourself then you will eventually be able to do a five thru six day routine. First couple of months you might start to see changes in the shape of your muscles, your skin a little bit tighter, and your overall wellness improve. The third month is when you might be able to fit into your jeans much easily and the people around you will congratulate you for the accomplishments. I would say that is one of the most satisfying things; to have that personal sense of success and noticing you are just in time for summer to begin.

            Some questions I get before spring or summer starts are; what can I implement into my routine which can help me lower belly fat or the “jiggle” on my arms? It is quite hard to spot reduce a certain area like the abdominal area or the arms there are even some experts that say spot reduction is not possible. So, let us stick to the basics; cardio will help you lose fat overall and eventually in those “target” areas as well. It all takes a lot of patience and dedication but you will get there. Implement weights into your routine and target all of your major muscles. The more blood that circulates the muscles the harder it will be for fat to attach and create that “jiggle” feel and appearance. I always recommend consulting a fitness and nutrition professional for a specific guide that will be ideal just for you. What works great for me might not do anything to you, so try to take the time to research on your own. Do not feel bad to ask questions because we have all been there and understand the situation. Remember to always consult your doctor before you start any fitness routine.

            Take advantage of the time you still have and get to work. Spring and summer are just a few months away and it is your decision if you want to look like you hibernated all winter or you trained like you were going to be part of a Spartan movie. Enjoy life and stay positive with all of your family and friends while you are in this path to victory. Get to it!