No Gym? No Problem!

            Summer is here and you are finally enjoying those beautiful days full of tanning sunlight. You are so into the awesome weather and the beach that you forget to get your workout in. Do not feel bad as it has happened to all of us, but there are some exercises that you can still do without the need of equipment. Here are a few full body exercises you can perform and still feel great.

            I am sure that everyone has heard of or performed the standard push-up. If you have done it, then you know it is quite effective. Now, you say this exercise is not all that full-body. Well, let us go over the basics of it very quickly. Standard position works your pectoral (chest), deltoids (shoulders), and triceps (back of arm). It can also work your core muscle if you keep a very straight plank position. That is the basic move; now let us take it up a notch. Plyometric push-ups are one of my favorite exercises. You say plyometric? Yes, plyometric training can also be known as “jump training” or “explosive training”. You are just performing the exercises with explosive movements. So, the push-up will start as a standard one until you reach floor, where you will push up with full force leaving you in the air; a few inches off the ground. It might take practice to get every movement properly, but once done you will feel the difference. For those who cannot perform plyometric push-ups stay with standard and do as many until failure.

            Squats, dear squats, you are the best but you make my legs sore for a while. I am sure many people have this love and hate relationship with squats but let me tell you they are more effective than what you might think. The legs make up half of our body making them the biggest muscle group, second being the back muscles. That being said, squats cause your body to burn a lot more calories. This is mainly caused because squats speed up your metabolism, something that is very beneficial especially if you are looking into staying lean. Now, a few different squats you can perform that are effective are called jump squats and pistol squats. Jump squats are quite similar to plyometric push-ups as you have to explode upward. Start in a regular squat position with feet shoulder width apart and lowering your body keeping torso and chest up and straight. Once down, you will jump high into the air and land back into squat position. Perform these over and over until failure. Pistol squats, no weapon required, are one legged squats and they might be hard at first but are great for isolation. Keeping your arms extended out and one leg extended out in front, lower your other leg until a 90 degree angle and come back up. Perform one leg at a time until failure and repeat three times.

            Next exercise is mountain climbers, no we are not literally climbing mountains, but it might feel like it afterward. Mountain climbers are a full-body exercise that really makes you sweat. As soon as you start, you will feel your arms, chest, shoulders, core, legs, and back work at the same time. Start with your hands and knees on the floor; lift yourself up like in a plank position. One leg at a time, alternating, you will bring your knees up toward your chest. This will be done in a fast motion as if you were running or climbing up a mountain. Perform three sets until failure.

            Those exercises explained can all be done by yourself or with a partner. Now, what if you are on vacation with your whole family? The best types of exercise you can do are ones where all can participate and have fun while doing so. Volleyball at the beach, basketball, and swimming are some of the many outdoor and indoor sports you can all perform. The important thing behind all of this is that you take 30-60 minutes of the day to treat it to good health and longevity by exercising and having fun. Remember, only you can make changes in your life, so try to always pick the correct ones.


Please consult your doctor before starting any training regimen.