New Years Resolution 2014

            It is already that time of year that makes us all think about the future and our goals in life. Have we been able to do everything that we had planned to accomplish before this year ends or are we still working on finishing them? These questions are inevitable once we see that New Years is around the corner. How have your fitness goals been compared to last year’s goals; have they improved? The whole idea to this is that you at least improve yourself enough to see that you are able to make a change in yourself.

            You lost weight and inches in your physique but it may not be the amount you had wished for. What are you going to do? Many people become discouraged and quit just because you did not reach that goal. But the situation here is that you should not feel like that at all. You should be extremely happy since you reached something that you did not the year before. The change in weight to the better tells you that you can do it. You did not lose 10 lbs but you lost 6 lbs or vice versa if you are looking to gain muscle, but you made a change in your body that not only helps your body but the way you feel about yourself. So, the whole idea is to keep doing what you are doing and maybe change some little things in order to keep getting closer to that goal you STILL have; do not give up on your goals.

            The fitness industry has a growing field of people that is in it to help others improve their lives in a positive way. If you are in the need for some extra motivation or need guidance always feel free to ask a fitness professional. Remember that before doing any new fitness exercises or changes in your diet you should first consult your doctor. These people are all here to help because they have gone through the hard work, dedication, and sweat themselves in order to reach their goals and they have decided to turn into teachers to help others do the same. Just make sure that you pick the right person to guide you; someone licensed and with knowledge of what specifically you are looking for.

            Taking pictures and measuring yourself before and after a certain time span is important in order to see changes that you might not notice in the mirror sometimes. You look at yourself everyday and might see little to no changes but other people tell you how different you look; this is the purpose of pictures and measurements. I would say to take them every week or two depending on how long your goal is. For example, I take pictures and measurements every week in order to see if my body either needs maybe more carbohydrates, protein, or a certain exercise in order to look a certain way. It is all about what works and what does not, what works for me might not work for you and that is the reason for checking yourself all the time.

            If you have been able to reach your goals and feel great then let yourself work as a motivation to others. You might not notice how big of a positive impact you could be to others who are around you. Your success is the proof that what you have been doing works and that everyone can definitely do it. A few weeks ago I posted a throwback picture of myself and one of how I currently look like in all my social medias. I was truly amazed at all the reactions received from the people that follow me. Most of them did not imagine that when I was younger I had struggled with my weight. Someone that I do not know commented and said that I do not know her but that from now on I was her inspiration to lose weight. It’s the little things that when multiplied create something much bigger, so your objective is to be one of those little things.

            Hope you all have a happy and blessed New Years with all of your loved ones and remember that as long as you have a goal everything is possible.