Exercising as a Couple

            Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might be stressing out about what to get your significant other. I would say that it is quite normal to feel that way especially if you have known them for many years. Now what if I told you that I had an idea for that person, and that it will benefit both of you? I am sure that you like to know what it is; this year give them the gift of exercising together. I do not mean to go take your wife to the gym and then you go do weights while she walks on the treadmill for an hour or vice versa. I mean that you both go and workout in the same machines and exercises like if you were training partners. This will have a significant change in your relationships and will eventually become part of your everyday life.

            Many times when the husband or wife goes alone to the gym, they feel like they are following their fitness goals, which is good. But they feel guilty in a sense because they have left their spouse behind. This could sometimes lead to relationship problems in the long-run. So, why feel guilty if you could both take some time from your schedules to exercise together. It would be the best thing to do especially since 2014 has recently started. There are even studies that show that couples who exercise together stick to their regimens by 90 percent. Not only do you stay together in your routines but you also would change all of your unhealthy and unproductive habits all together. If you both have a goal of reaching an ideal physique then you must also change the type of food that you consume. Let’s say that on every weekend you both take a day to go eat together. Most people when they go out to eat always try to find something that is appetizing to their taste buds, but that sometimes isn’t the healthiest choice. You will think twice before choosing your meals now that you both have exercised and had to sweat hard to lose a few pounds.

            Once you as a couple have been able to spend a large amount of time together training then you might notice a certain type of bond that you might not of had before. You will both be constantly motivating each other in order to stay on track of your goals. When you see your spouse about to order some pizza for dinner remind them that they will regret it the next day on the scale. Little things like that can make a large change in your bonding. Something else that you will notice is that your bodies will be much more in shape and you might feel like your spouse looks much more attractive to you. This will definitely motivate you to keep exercising because you have seen that the results are going great. This is something that is very important for everyone to understand; at first it will not be easy and you will at times feel like you want to quit but the results in a few months will make you glad that you did not stop. I have a recent example of couples exercising together that caught my eye. This couple has been married for several years now and the wife has been able to lose a large amount of weight. She goes to the gym everyday and has even started to try some of the boot camp programs offered there. I noticed that she began to bring her husband in order for him to start these programs with her and I couldn’t help but notice how happy and joyous she was just because she was there with her husband. It comes to show that just a small change like that can really be of great change in your relationship and life. So, go look for your significant other grab them by the hand and take them on a date to your next favorite site- the gym, or start an exercise program in the comfort of your home.