Breast Cancer Awareness

            October is the month of several things; Fall season, Hispanic Heritage Month, Halloween, etc. There is a specific topic that is also very important and that affects many people, especially women around the world – Breast Cancer. October is also the month of Breast Cancer awareness and prevention, even though it should be a priority all year round. Thousands of women are diagnosed with this horrible cancer each year and thousands more are expected to die due to it. According to, breast cancer incidence rates in the U.S. began decreasing in the year 2000. This however does not mean that we should worry less about it, because even though it has decreased there is still a high amount. Awareness is important but prevention is key in order for you to keep living a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle.

            I can personally relate to this topic has I have a family member, specifically an Aunt, that had to go through Breast Cancer and endure every step of the way. Thankfully she was able to win the battle against it, but it was not the same for a neighbor and good friend she had who passed away a few weeks later due to the same cancer. The whole point to this month and this topic is so that everyone not just women take awareness of this disease and what is occurring each year. Husbands, sons, brothers please be aware and educate yourselves even more about this topic so that one day you could be a lifesaver to the woman or women close to you.

            Attention for prevention! Breast cancer and mostly every other disease out there can be prevented with a healthy and fit life. According to the Mayo Clinic, here are a few things to keep in mind in for prevention:

  • Limit Alcohol: The more you drink, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. If you choose to drink alcohol limit yourself to no more than one drink a day.
  • Don’t Smoke: Accumulating evidence suggests a link between smoking and breast cancer risk, particularly in premenopausal women. In addition, not smoking is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.
  • Control Your Weight: Being overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer. This is especially true if obesity occurs later in life, particularly after menopause.
  • Be Physically Active: Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, which, in turn, helps prevent breast cancer. For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of aerobic activity weekly, plus strength training at least twice a week.
  • Breast Feeding: Breast-feeding may play a role in breast cancer prevention. The longer you breast-feed, the greater the protective effect.
  • Limit dose and duration of Hormone Therapy: Combination hormone therapy for more than three to five years increases the risk of breast cancer. If you are taking hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, ask your doctor about other options. You may be able to manage your symptoms with non-hormonal therapies, such as physical activity.
  • Avoid exposure to radiation and environmental pollution: Medical-imaging methods, such as computerized tomography, use high doses of radiation, which have been linked with breast cancer risk. Some research suggests a link between breast cancer and exposure to the chemicals found in some workplaces, gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust.
  • Healthy Diet: A healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, which is a key factor in breast cancer prevention.
  • Be vigilant about breast detection: If you notice any changes in your breasts, such as a new lump or skin changes, consult your doctor.

            Let us all make this disease start decreasing even more with all of the information that we have available in this day and era. Nothing is impossible; we just have to keep on moving forward and not give up on ourselves and people around us. Always keep a positive mindset and try to always push stress away, as hard as it may seem sometimes. Hope you all have a great autumn and best wishes to all.