Back To School

            I hope everyone is having a fun filled summer and reaching all of your health and fitness goals. Who is ready to go back to school? I know I would love to be a bit more with my friends and family but I am ready for another awesome semester. Some of you might be concerned how you will do to rearrange your fitness schedule so that it fits your new school year. I can tell you that it is easier than you might think, so let me give you a few tips that have helped me throughout the years. Organizing my time, establishing a well planned fitness routine, and preparing or choosing my meals for the next few days are some of my basics.

            Organizing your agenda to find the right time to get your workout in is very important. You might think that as long as you find some free time you are fine, and that’s true, but the best time would be one that is always the same. Let’s say that you assign 4 pm your workout time. Now you know that once you leave your last class you will have time to get home and have enough time to get your workout in (at 4 pm). If you leave gym time to, “I will go after I finish my last class” you might not even make it before the gym closes. The whole idea is to create a habit, because good habits create success. I will give you all an example that amazes me all the time; when I arrive to teach my Zumba or Bokwa classes the same students are there ready to go. Why? They have already created a habit that frees them for an hour and gives them great health benefits. There are no excuses if you really want it.

Establish a well planned fitness routine. If you have time to make it 5-6 days a week to the gym you can make a body split. For example, Monday (chest), Tuesday (back), Wednesday (legs and calves), Thursday (shoulders and traps), Friday (biceps and triceps), Saturday and/or Sunday could be cardio or rest days. If you have 2-3 days a week to workout then you could do full body workouts those days. One day could be all upper-body then lower-body or one day push day or pull day. There are many combinations that work if you put the dedication and patience.

            Preparing your meals in advance, either the day before or a whole week before would be perfect but maybe not realistic for you. If you are going to be prepping for a bodybuilding competition you might really need to do it. But, we are not going to go into that much detail. So, the easiest way to plan your meals is to first make a budget just for food. Check how much money you have for your school semester and push some aside for some tuna, chicken, turkey, rice, sweet potatoes, water, etc. Switching between classes and don’t have time for a whole meal, then buy some snacks like granola bars, Greek yogurt, or a protein shake. Once you have all your basic foods then just determine how you will organize your meals according to your school schedule. Like I mentioned before, once you create a habit you will have a better opportunity for success. It would be best if you cooked all or some of your meals a day before, froze them, and have them microwave ready for that extra stressful three or four class day. You are in control and you are the only one who knows how to organize things so that they work for you.

            One extra tip is to motivate one of your friends or classmates to do the same, this way you can push each other and get faster results. Motivation; the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. What is your reason or reasons? Find them and use them to become the best version of yourself. Stay positive my friends and remember that you never know who is looking up to you as a role model. Please always keep in mind to first consult your physician or fitness professional before you start any fitness routine.